Join SASEC and gain support from a diverse group of like minded people, learn about tools and resources that can help you and hear about the challenges and success of other social enterprises in South Australia and in other states across Australia.

SASEC Constitution

The SASEC constitution was adopted on 7th October 2020. The constitution outlines SASEC's definition, mission, objects and powers. It also delineates the Association's rules regarding membership, governance and management, general meetings, grievance and dispute resolution, financial management and reporting, notices, indemnification, patrons, honorary life members, ineligibility, profits, winding up and surplus assets. 

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Map For Impact: The Victorian Social Enterprise Mapping Project 2017

In recent years, public and policy interest in social enterprise and its impacts has grown. Yet, little is known about the characteristics and impacts of social enterprise. In February 2017, the Victorian Government launched its first Social Enterprise Strategy. The Strategy seeks to improve and expand on government support for Victorian social enterprises and to position Victoria’s social enterprises as national leaders in driving employment participation and inclusive economic growth. This report was commissioned as part of the implementation of the Social Enterprise Strategy and provides the first ever baseline analysis of social enterprises in Victoria, with a particular focus on the size of the social enterprise population, its characteristics and impacts. This report will be useful to social enterprise operators, policy makers, social enterprise intermediaries, and researchers.

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Finding Australia's Social Enterprise Sector: Final Report 2016

This report presents the findings of the Finding Australia’s Social Enterprise Sector (FASES) 2016 project. The second in a series of efforts undertaken by Social Traders and the lead author to document the activities and needs of Australian social enterprises, FASES 2016 focuses on examining in-depth the opportunities and challenges faced by social enterprises and updating data from FASES 2010.

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