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Where to start?

To assist you whether you are a newbie who is curious about the social enterprise world, an existing social enterprise, a new start-up or a business wanting to transition to become a social enterprise, we recommend the following public resources to help you kick start your social enterprise journey.

Social Enterprise Fundamentals

Start with the self-paced fundamentals are available on the Social Startup Studio create by Centre for Social Impact. The Social Enterprise Fundamentals are a set of resources that provide the ‘nuts and bolts’ of social enterprise. They have been designed to provide the information needed before starting a social enterprise – and they are free to access!

Social Enterprise Fundamentals Resources - Social Startup Studio by Centre for Social Impact

Planning Guide for Social Enterprise

This guide focuses on social enterprises in Australia that provide employment for people who are excluded from the labour market. The guide is primarily aimed at people and/or organisations interested in starting a social enterprise and who don’t have experience of doing this before. It is a step-by-step guide to thinking about, researching, planning for, starting and then growing a social enterprise, which will help you to:

  • create a rigorous business plan for a sustainable social enterprise

  • obtain support for your social enterprise e.g. from partners secure investment for your social enterprise

  • monitor and evolve your social enterprise in future years.

It is also designed to be a useful resource for more experienced practitioners, acting as a reference point and refresher.

Business Planning Guide for Social Enterprises - Social Ventures Australia.

Social Enterprise Business Models

The Dragonfly Collective is a for-purpose business offering training and consultancy in Australia and the UK. They support for-purpose businesses to be successful and specialise in for-purpose business models - from start-up to scaling. The toolkit created by The Dragon Fly Collective presents 16 social enterprise business model types and 7 steps to building one. The for-purpose business model workbook offers internationally recognised tools and guidance to blend financial sustainability and purpose – in a practical eight step process. It’s based on academic research and four decades of practical experience (and many lessons learned!) leading for-purpose businesses in Australia, the UK and Europe at executive and Board level.

Legal Services information

Justice Connect is a social justice organisation and community legal service and is itself a not-for-profit community organisation and registered charity provides great resources.

Social Enterprise Legal Toolkit visit Social Impact Hub

Law On Earth is the only telelaw platform in the world that allows the public to manage their own legal needs and save up to 90% cost whilst providing professional indemnity insurance and also much higher transparency and security for users.

Get Inspired!

  • Social Change Central

    An Australian site dedicated to supporting social entrepreneurs and enterprises. SCC provides links to resources, events, funding, exposure, and awards & competitions.

  • For inspiration read about 39 Australian Social Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021 visit Social Change Central

  • Impact Boom

    Impact Boom promotes positive social impact through tools, programs, and resources. Check their podcasts, website, or attend an event to find out more. Visit Impact Boom for all blogs, post and podcast on social enterprises and social entrepreneurs in the sector.

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