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What you can do to support social enterprises

Discover actionable ways to champion social enterprises in your community.

As an individual

Buy from a social enterprise

By choosing products or services from social enterprises, you contribute to meaningful impact, such as job creation, environmental sustainability, and addressing societal challenges. Your buying decisions can make a difference in building a more equitable and sustainable world.

Work or volunteer

Working or volunteering at a social enterprise offers a unique opportunity to be part of something impactful. You can contribute your skills and passion to drive positive change while gaining valuable experience. Joining a social enterprise allows you to make a difference in people's lives and communities, enriching both your career and sense of purpose.

As a business owner or government agency


If you're a business owner or in a leadership role within a large corporation or government agency, think about teaming up with a social enterprise to back their mission. This could involve forming partnerships, buying their products or services (social procurement), sponsoring, or mentoring them to help fuel their growth.

Social Procurement

Explore national and international policies guiding social procurement practices to gain valuable knowledge on how organizations can leverage purchasing power to drive positive social impact.

Social Traders is the national trailblazer of social enterprise procurement. By making buying from social enterprise the norm, Social Traders create a more inclusive and equitable Australia through jobs, community services and support for the most marginalized. 

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