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Social enterprise networks

As a peak body dedicated to representing the interests of South Australian social enterprises, SASEC is committed to influencing, forming relationships and building collaborations. We do this across sectors within South Australia, and within the social enterprise sector on a National level.

Social Enterprise Peaks Network

SASEC is the South Australian peak body for the social enterprise sector in South Australia. The state and territory peaks in Australia meet and work together regularly, to advance National outcomes for the sector.

Social Enterprise Australia

Social Enterprise Australia is the peak body for social enterprise in Australia. They connect the sector to plan, act and learn together. They do this to have a shared national strategy and voice, and to develop new ways to build social and environmental well being. Find out more.

SASEC collaborates with Social Enterprise Australia.

Other Local Business Programs & Support

SA Government Business Hub - Supporting small businesses in South Australia with a wide range of information, advise and resources for both new and existing South Australian business owner to help you successfully start or run your business in SA.

Collab4Good is the South Australian social enterprise intermediary organisation that builds the capacity and capability of impact driven individuals and organisations to drive positive impact through enterprise learning and collaboration.

Social Traders is a social enterprise certifier, trailblazer of social enterprise procurement, and a leader in unlocking business for good across the economy.

Switch Start Scale - Free Entrepreneurship Facilitator Services - Entrepreneurship Facilitators provide practical assistance to support and encourage individuals to start a business as a way to create their own business.

Community Centres SA has a community learning hub for CCSA members and the broader adult community education and community services sectors.

Social Change Central is an Australian site dedicated to supporting social entrepreneurs and enterprises. SCC provides links to resources, events, funding, exposure, and awards & competitions.

Impact Boom promotes positive social impact through tools, programs, and resources. Check their podcasts, website, or attend an event to find out more. Visit Impact Boom for all blogs, post and podcast on social enterprises and social entrepreneurs in the sector.

The Circle - First Nations Entrepreneur Hub exist to assist the South Australian Aboriginal Business Sector with support to build First Nations  business. Membership is Free!

Community Business Bureau - a leading Australian consultancy dedicated to supporting nonprofits and social enterprises. With a focus on delivering tailored solutions in finance, human resources, and strategy, they empower organizations to maximize their social impact and sustainability. Through their expertise and collaborative approach, CBB helps clients navigate challenges and achieve their mission-driven goals effectively.

Essential online Business resources provided by the Australian Government with all the information you need for planning and starting your business in Australia, including forms and services. Key areas to start for new social enterprise businesses.

Verification and Certification of Social Enterprises

Social enterprise verification

People and Planet First Verification

There’s growing demand for businesses that put people and planet first. But it can be hard to tell the real thing from marketing hype.
To help change this, People and Planet First global verification has launched. It sets five clear and robust minimum standards.

  1. Purpose - Exists to solve a social and/or environmental problem. 
  2. Operations - Prioritises purpose, people, and planet over profit in operational and strategic decisions. 
  3. Revenue - Has a self-sustaining revenue model.
  4. Use of surplus - Reinvests the majority of any surplus towards its purpose.
  5. Structure - Chooses legal structures and financing that protect and lock in purpose long term.
Verification against these is simple and affordable. It is governed by social enterprise sector partners around the world, to protect integrity. People and Planet first verification standards are respected and followed by many stakeholders, including the federal government. SASEC, along with the other state and territory peak bodies in Australia, is a verification partner for People and Planet First.

If your social enterprise fits these five standards, attaining People and Planet First verification is an affordable and effective way to be recognised as a legitimate social enterprise.

No green washing. No social washing. No complication. Just businesses that put people and planet first.

Download the Standards
Get Verified
See Verified Enterprises

Social Traders Certification

Social Traders certification is the Gold Standard of social enterprise certification in Australia. Social Traders certification is established, trusted and world-leading, while being tailored specifically for the Australian market.

It’s for all the businesses putting people and planet first. It’s how we protect the sector against the growing risk of social washing.

In 2017, Social Traders developed their social enterprise certification to de-risk social enterprise procurement. Since then, it has expanded to clearly identify and elevate the whole social enterprise sector.

Certification is for all social enterprise types, legal structures and stages of development.

Social Traders certification is supported by government, leading philanthropists, Australia’s largest businesses and used by hundreds of certified social enterprises around Australia to help ensure businesses, governments and consumers are engaging with genuine social enterprises.

Our certification is endorsed by the Social Enterprise World Forum. It's one of only six ‘double badge’ partners in the world. Only Social Traders offers the double badge of certification and verification – meaning once you get certified with Social Traders you are able to access People and Planet First verification at no extra cost to extend your certification beyond Australia for global reach.

Apply for Social Traders Certification

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