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Strategies for social enterprise development in Australia

In 2021, the social enterprise sector in Australia has joined hands in the Social Enterprise National Strategy (SENS) Project and published the Social Enterprise National Strategy - Directions report, including 3 parts:

In 2023, Social Enterprise Australia submitted ‘A budget to unlock the impact of social enterprise’, recommending actions the government can take to strategically empower social enterprises in Australia. This includes:

  • Invest in organizing infrastructure that enables the sector to a) have a shared voice and work in partnership with Government; and b) coordinate, innovate and improve its performance.
  • Invest in data sharing and social enterprise data initiatives and infrastructure so that evidence drives decisions.
  • Invest in and use certification to verify social enterprises.
  • Invest in the establishment of a social procurement framework that names and puts targets to buying from social enterprise.
  • Enhance access to a capital mix that can support social enterprises to launch, develop, and grow.
  • Value and pay social enterprises for the role they play in creating public or community outcomes.
  • Invest in capability building in the sector and in Government itself.

Research and publications

The Social Entrepreneurship Evidence Space

The Social Entrepreneurship Evidence Space (SEES) is an open research platform for the Social Entrepreneurship community.
Visit SEES platform to find insights and research about social entrepreneurship in Australia.

Map For Impact: The Victorian Social Enterprise Mapping Project 2017

In recent years, public and policy interest in social enterprise and its impacts has grown. Yet, little is known about the characteristics and impacts of social enterprise. In February 2017, the Victorian Government launched its first Social Enterprise Strategy. The Strategy seeks to improve and expand on government support for Victorian social enterprises and to position Victoria’s social enterprises as national leaders in driving employment participation and inclusive economic growth. This report was commissioned as part of the implementation of the Social Enterprise Strategy and provides the first ever baseline analysis of social enterprises in Victoria, with a particular focus on the size of the social enterprise population, its characteristics and impacts. This report will be useful to social enterprise operators, policy makers, social enterprise intermediaries, and researchers.

Other publications

These research and publications offer valuable insights into the world of social entrepreneurship. From academic studies to industry reports and thought-provoking articles, these resources delve into various aspects of social enterprise, including trends, challenges, best practices, and case studies. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting your journey in social entrepreneurship, these resources provide invaluable knowledge and inspiration to inform your endeavors and drive positive change in the world.

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