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Funding and Financing Options

This article from Social Change Central summarises some of the key funding mechanisms that social enterprises commonly engage with.

Impact Investing Australia provides a extensive list of incubators and accelerators, plus intermediaries that can assist you source the 'right fit' social finance for your social enterprise.

Social Enterprise Finance Australia (SEFA) lending focuses on under-resourced sectors - not for profits and other enterprises with social, cultural or environmental objectives.

Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) offers a range of grants, strategic partnerships and opportunities to eligible applicants and organizations. 

Grants SA - A place for information on SA Government grants and assistance.

If you’re doing business in Australia, this guided search will help you find grants, funding and support programs from across government.

If your social enterprise creates impact that aligns with the Department of Human Services, you can also apply for their grants.

Crowdfunding Options

Crowdfunding is a way to finance your business through, loans, donations or exchanging money for rewards or shares in your business. You generally do this through a crowdfunding website. You can learn more about crowdfunding and the different types of crowdfunding at www./

Understanding Impact Costs

There is an additional impact cost for social enterprises that traditional businesses generally do not have to wear. To help understand more about impact costs and how to factor these into your financial planning, check out this research report published by the Centre for Social Impact Swinburne in 2023.

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