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Social Enterprise Strategy Expert Advisory Group

The Social Enterprise Strategy Expert Advisory Group was established in 2022 to provide a formal mechanism to advance a shared sector objective of developing and implementing a state government endorsed social enterprise strategy for South Australia (SA). A social enterprise strategy enables recognition for social enterprise in SA and a partnership approach with State Government to support the growth, development and sustainability of the sector, which could include (but not be limited to) the following strategic priorities as examples:

  • Investing for sector development and capacity building.
  • Enabling a connected social enterprise network and ecosystem.
  • Creating access to markets through social procurement.
  • Creating an impact measurement and outcomes framework.
  • Improving recognition and access to new financial instruments.
  • Fostering activities which educate and raise awareness of social enterprise.

The key objective of the Advisory Group is to get a Social Enterprise Strategy for SA which is:

  1. Developed for, by and with the sector.
  2. Endorsed and embedded by SA State Government with investment and accountability to deliver on the strategy.
The Advisory Group has a critical role in creating a social enterprise strategy in partnership with the SA State Government and the sector, and working together to support implementation through our diverse networks. 

Scope of the Advisory Group activities: 

  1. Advocating for a co-designed SA Social Enterprise strategy to be endorsed, and implemented with appropriate investment by SA Government.
  2. Providing oversight and advice on the process for establishing an SA SE Strategy (co-design).
  3. Seeking investment from SA Government to resource the Advisory Group to undertake the design, consultation and development of the SA SE Strategy.
  4. Oversee the design, consultation and development of the SA SE Strategy in co-design with the sector and SA Government.
  5. Providing a main point of contact for the SA Government with the Social Enterprise sector in South Australia and across Australia.
  6. Supporting the implementation of the SA SE Strategy in partnership with SA Government.  

South Australian Social Enterprise Strategy Expert Advisory Group Members 2022-23
The membership of the Advisory Group is intended to reflect and represent key interests and organisations who have a stake in the SA social enterprise ecosystem, and who can contribute expert advice, support and networks to support the Group’s objectives. Current membership includes:

Theresa Brown (Co-Chair)

 South Australian Social Enterprise Council

 Amy Orange (Co-Chair)

 Social Traders

 Dr Guy Turnbull

 VIVA Mutual

 Helen Sheppard MAICD

 Uniting Care Wesley Bowden/Social Impact Measurement Network Australia

 Carmen Garcia

 Community Corporate Pty Ltd

 Freddie Brincat OAM MAICD 

 Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc.

 Brenz Saunders

Garu InfoTech and Tauondi Aboriginal College

 Dr Sanjaya Kuruppu

 UniSA - Yunus Social Business Centre

 Rose Lacoon Williamson 

 Youth Inc. Enterprise Academy/ The Topsoil Garden Project/Social Impact Investment Network of SA 

 Abby McKay (Observer)

 Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc.

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Other Social Enterprise Experts

SASEC is collecting a list of social enterprise experts that will available to all. If you would like to be considered for inclusion, please reach out via

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