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How to navigate the library?

Have you ever felt lost or overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available on the Internet about what a social enterprise is and how to start one? Have you ever felt struggle to determine where to begin or what to do next?

If the answer is yes, you are at the right place. Our library offers a structured learning pathway for you to effectively navigate your development journey. As you browse through our library, you can easily find specific materials that can assist you in each development stage, starting from when you first heard about the concept of social enterprise, to writing your first business plan, and eventually scaling your initiative.

Stage 1: VISION

Social enterprise is at the ideation stage, where the primary focus is on identifying a social issue and brainstorming solutions, but no concrete impact and business model or strategy has been established yet.


Social enterprise has launched but is still developing the impact and business model.


Social enterprise is still establishing its financial and business stability, and making sure that its revenue model and social impact are intertwined.

Stage 4: GROWTH

Social enterprise is financially sustainable and growing with a viable business model, focused on scale and replication, while also making a significant social impact.


Social enterprise is commercially viable and financially sustainable, leveraging a proven business model to generate optimal social impact and sufficient profit for growth.

The social enterprise ecosystem

The social enterprise ecosystem includes different stakeholders that foster the development of social enterprises. This includes the customers and beneficiaries who use the products, services provided by social enterprises. Government is also an important part of the ecosystem. In addition to offer funding and support, governmental policies can shape the landscape of social enterprise models, influencing how social businesses work. Other funding sources, including impact investors, foundations, or philanthropists, enable social enterprises to start and scale their initiatives. Universities, experts, partners, staff and volunteers can also support social enterprises in various ways. And while competitors may compete for funding or customers, they can also exchange knowledge, share best practices, collaborate and offer support on different projects.


Explore diverse funding opportunities available to support social enterprises.

Policies, Research & Publications

Discover how to verify your social enterprise. Explore insights on government initiatives, regulatory frameworks, and policy shifts impacting the social entrepreneurship landscape in Australia.


Explore resources featuring organizations and experts specializing in social entrepreneurship. Engage with experienced professionals, access workshops, and leverage collaborative opportunities to propel your social enterprise toward sustainability and impactful growth.


Find information on key organizations that facilitate connections among social enterprises across Australia. Explore these networks for opportunities to collaborate, enhance the reach and the impact of social enterprises nationwide.

Business For Good Resources

Access to the resources and materials designed and delivered in partnership by the South Australian Social Enterprise Council (SASEC), Social Traders and Collab4Good.

Supporting social enterprises

Discover ways you can empower social entrepreneurs, support social enterprises and maximize their impact on communities.

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